Amanda Mallory has a B.A. in Cultural Anthropology, and an M.A. in Educational Administration and Policy Analysis from Stanford University. Before joining McClure, Mallory, Baron & Ross, she worked in admissions at a small college, then coordinated a summer program at one local secondary school, and was Director of Admissions at another. Becoming an educational consultant in 1991, Amanda specializes in elementary and secondary school counseling, covering Bay Area educational options and boarding programs all over the U.S. In addition to counseling families, Amanda has served on boards and advisory boards of several schools, and made presentations about school options and the application process to local parent groups and at schools around the Bay Area.

The range of students Amanda works with includes those who are highly successful in school and want to explore the most appropriate educational options, to students who may struggle in school and need to find an environment in which they can be successful. She works with students who have learning disabilities and is particularly knowledgeable about schools for students with specific academic needs. She works with families that have children in private and public schools in the Bay Area, as well as with families throughout California, out of state, and overseas. Families who are moving into the area can work with Amanda to determine where the best school options for their children might be. In addition to their academic needs, Amanda takes a student’s personality, extra curricular interests, and family situation into consideration.

To stay current about school programs, Amanda visits schools on a regular basis – both local and boarding programs. She maintains relationships with schools, and stays informed about the changes and developments in the different programs. In addition to helping students identify appropriate school options, Amanda helps the student and family understand the admissions process, so that the schools they apply to can give them full consideration. It is important that the family and the schools have the information they need to make the decision that will result in the best match.

Since school is what kids do, it is really important that it goes well and that students feel successful and happy with their educational experience. There are different kinds of schools for different kinds of students. Amanda loves to help each student find out what will work best for them, and to clarify and support the process of finding that program and school community.


Amanda Mallory cares about kids! As a seasoned educator and consultant, Amanda’s care and consideration for each student is clearly her priority. Combining her methodical assessment of each child, with her diligent research into the programs she recommends, I continue to be impressed with how well she matches the students to our School. Amanda is a true leader in this field and a welcome addition to our admissions office.

Amanda Mallory has guided us through some of the most challenging decisions of our lives. Her combination of wisdom, expertise and empathy is unmatched.

Thank you for all of your information, patience and sense of humor!
You are wonderful at what you do!