When requested by a parent, an educator, or another professional – or when necessary to facilitate school or college placement – our offices can provide a broad range of testing services. Educational, psychological, and neuropsychological evaluations can be administered for the following purposes:

To diagnose learning differences and disabilities, ADHD, or other developmental or psychological disorders
To document learning disabilities or other needs that will determine eligibility for accommodations on standardized tests and/or require specialized support services in school or college
To better understand psycho-emotional issues and their impact on development, education, and mental health
Placement in a therapeutic setting is being considered

Depending on which battery of tests is selected, testing ranges from four to eleven hours. The number of sessions required varies and depends on the age of the child. Once the dates for testing have been selected, for the more comprehensive assessments you will receive a packet of paperwork which will include questionnaires for parent(s), teacher(s), and/or tutor(s), as well as for the child (also depending on age). We will request academic records from kindergarten to the present, and we will provide you with release of records forms to give to the school(s) and/or school district(s) when needed.

At the initial meeting, you will bring in the completed paperwork and records. The neuropsychologist will meet privately with parents for approximately 30 minutes of the first session only, and work with your child individually for the remainder of the sessions.

There will be a feedback session when the testing is done when the neuropsychologist will go over the findings and the report in detail with you. The detailed report that accompanies these evaluations includes a summary of all previous evaluations, services, education, and treatment, as well as a detailed analysis of the evaluation results and conclusions. Based upon the evaluation results, extensive recommendations (e.g., for accommodations, remediation services, psychiatric treatment, school placement, or specific intervention strategies for educational therapists and/or psychotherapists) and referrals, as needed, are provided. So long as we receive all necessary records and questionnaires in a timely manner, the report is usually available about three weeks after the last date of testing.