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Choosing a challenging and fulfilling academic setting – then gaining admission to that college or university – can be a daunting task, a complex endeavor that requires specialized knowledge and insights often beyond the scope of student and family. Mallory, Baron, Ross, Kindler & Adeosun offers a single resource to help resolve your many questions and concerns.

Curriculum Planning/Pre-College Counseling

For Freshman, Sophomores, and first semester Juniors we offer a one-hour counseling session to go over any initial questions regarding the college admission process, or to assist with curriculum planning. (Note – colleges are not recommended at this time.)

College Counseling Programs

For Juniors, Seniors and transfer students, we offer either the Abbreviated College Counseling program or the Full College Counseling program.

Initially, we meet separately with you and your son or daughter to gain a clear picture of the goals and expectations each of you has for his or her educational future. A battery of inventories designed to make an appraisal of interests and personality characteristics is administered to each student. Transcripts, college admissions tests, and results of the inventories are carefully reviewed before initiating research into appropriate schools. A follow-up meeting to discuss our recommendations and descriptions of suitable colleges concludes the Abbreviated College Counseling Program.

Most families decide to extend the college counseling process, utilizing our full program which, in addition to the above, includes:

Essay writing workshops and critiquing of college essays
Individualized advice concerning test preparation
Role playing preparation for college admissions interviews
Additional meetings and phone consultation throughout the college application process
Assistance in making your final decision after acceptances
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