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Elementary and Secondary Programs: Day and Boarding

Finding the school that is the right match for a child makes a difference in terms of how that child progresses academically, socially, and emotionally. Schools vary, and each student needs to find a school that is appropriate to his or her abilities and personality. We can help families know what their school options are, understand why and how certain schools might be the best match for their student, clarify how the application process works, and support the family through the process so that they feel they are making an informed decision when they choose a school. We work with students of all levels of ability, including those who are looking for significant academic challenge, those who need to be better recognized and find ways of standing out, or those who need extensive support or perhaps a special approach academically. Whether looking at local school options or exploring boarding schools, we work closely with families and provide the support they need to go through this process in the least stressful and most productive way possible.

College Counseling and High School Curriculum Planning

Choosing a challenging and fulfilling academic setting – then gaining admission to that college or university – can be a daunting task, a complex endeavor that requires specialized knowledge and insights often beyond the scope of student and family. Mallory, Baron, Ross, Kindler & Adeosun offers a single resource to help resolve your many questions and concerns.

Therapeutic/Special Needs Placement

There is a growing population of young people who, despite academic ability, fail to achieve their potential – scholastically, socially, and developmentally – due to emotional, psychological, and/or behavioral issues.

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